My favorite one-girl Aspie band.

I think I just found something unique this week.

A one-girl Aspie band.

OK, I don’t mean that harshly.

This chick has one of the most distinctive, mesmerizing sounds around. Her name is Camella Lobo. A sultry, shadowy corner that guys like me are drawn to like moths.


Her band, Tropic Of Cancer, was jump-started by Lobo and her husband (and perhaps not…), Juan Mendez, in 2007.

They recorded a few doomed, subarctic sweltering profusions of minimalist keyboardism and audibly reticent vocals. In 2012, Mendez left to pursue personal projects, leaving Lobo to carry a single-minded focus (in more ways than one) that is the current incarnation of Tropic Of Cancer. From 2012, Lobo continued to record, adding Taylor Burch to lend her live performances an extra layer of depth and flexibility.

Tropic Of Cancer’s music reverberates from within the shaky corpuscles of your disengaged soul.

Lobo’s voice lilts darkly above in the gray indistinguishable atmosphere while the drum machine registers the persistent and doomed anti-eloquent beat which betrays a dark measurement that defines ToC’s foreboding drone.

Something about the nature of her music and performance hints at a restrained, dutiful and anti-artistic level of precision and tidiness that makes me resort to the “Aspie” declaration. This girl is directed, machine-molded functionality of the type you don’t see in music, ever.

Tropic Of Cancer entertains a wild persistence and symbiotic subversion to the wild flowers of our intrinsic nature. The drum beats, Lobos’ chants, a forward metronome-like mantra of despair and alienation. Tropic Of Cancer’s music is beautiful without considering beauty, it is redolent of doom and emotion without the faintest tremble.

My favorite Aspie, one-woman band!