Body of missing University of Illinois student, Vicente Mundo, found; was there really a happy face, and is this connected to the other missing person’s case in Champaign?

News that Vicente Mundo’s body has been found in a small town named Tolono, about 20 miles south of Champaign where the 20-year-old University of Illinois student lived.

Mundo’s body was found on Saturday night, and police are pursuing his death as a homicide and the mystery begins to deepen…

On January 25, Mundo left a friend’s apartment in Champaign to meet a group of friends for dinner and movie at his own apartment, about a block away. It appears he never arrived.


Mundo, a statistics major, drove a silver 2006 Acura TL, which is also missing.

In the aftermath of Mundo’s murder, another missing person’s case has surfaced and it bears some similarities to Mundo’s case though police are quick to discount any connection as police are wont to do in order to tame any sense of diabolical mastermind conjecture (and hence, panic).

Cristian Zamora, 23, of Champaign, Illinois, was last seen leaving his apartment on New Year’s Eve. He has not been seen since.


Champaign Sgt. Dennis Baltzell said Cristian Antonio Zamora, 23, of Champaign, was last seen on New Year’s Eve between 6 and 7:30 p.m. as he headed off to the County Market store at 331 E. Stoughton St., C.

Baltzell said Zamora’s mother, who lives in suburban Chicago, notified the department Monday that he is missing.

“He did not show up for work at Jimmy John’s at Five Points in Urbana on Jan. 2,” Baltzell said. “It’s very uncharacteristic of him not to show up to work.”

Police are asking residents of Champaign and Urbana to check their garages and other places on their property for Zamora or his belongings.

Both subjects are young, slender Hispanic males with boyish faces. Both attended the University of Illinois and lived in Champaign.

Oddly, a comment appears after one of the news stories that insinuates that a tell-tale marker was left behind near Mundo’s body. Verifiable? Internet hearsay?

comment mundo

Who knows?