Louis Vasquez, ese KKK vato, embarking on a mission of racial cleansing.

I shake my head when I hear about stuff like this. Black vs. Mexican, Mexican vs. Black, ghetto vs. ghetto. It’s all the same garbage. Yesterday, a Mexican gangster from La Puente, a crappy little suburban hood about 20 miles east of downtown Los Angeles, went on pathetic terrorize-the-Blacks spree in Covina, which is even further east.

Not sure what Vasquez was attempting.

To vindicate Mexican grievances against Black people? Do we even have any grievances against the Blacks? They really haven’t done much to us other that fight over the lowest caste scraps America has to offer. When you pit Blacks and Mexicans against each other, you have yourself a filthy race to the bottom. All this enmity is outrageous. I don’t understand it.

Evidently, Louis Vasquez understands it well enough that he took a knife to a couple of Black dudes in half-hearted attempts at mayhem.

courtesy, ktla.com

Or does he understand his hate?

I doubt it. This is the kind of rehashed and learned hate that used to openly afflict Whites until they learned to repress and disguise how they really felt about Black people. Apparently, a lot of Mexicans haven’t received the “act nice to the Blacks” memo because I hear about Mexican on Black violence a whole lot. Maybe this is why Blacks in Los Angeles (asides from high-profile rappers) actually seem well-behaved and contained compared to their dark cohorts in the Midwest or Oakland and other sporadic points around the country where we hear about Black kids doing crazy shit on White people.

A Latino man was arrested Saturday for allegedly stabbing two black men in the parking
lot of a Covina shopping center, said police.
Louis Vasquez, 19, of La Puente was booked on suspicion of attempted murder and a hate crime,
police said. Vasquez is a gang member, according to authorities, but it’s unclear whether the
attack was gang­related.
Police said Vasquez stabbed one of the victims as he walked through the parking lot in the 100
block of North Azusa Avenue at about 7:40 p.m. The 27­year­old man suffered injuries to his right
shoulder and left knee.
The other victim, an 18­year­old employee of a store in the shopping center, was stabbed in the
back and right shoulder as he was collecting shopping carts.
The two victims did not know each other and have no gang affiliations, said Sgt. Gregg Peterson of
the Covina Police Department.
“One was just an employee collecting carts. The other was a customer going to the store,” Peterson
said. “Neither were gang­related. It was totally random.”

Now police are charging him with one of those ludicrously labelled hate crimes.

The sumptuous idiocy of “hate crimes.” Because we all know that crime, in general, is based on goodwill and collective generosity for those we do not know intimately. Oh, of course, unless that crime happens to be directed at Blacks, gays or Jews or any other Victim of the Day; in which case, it then can be soiled with the “hate” moniker and thus afford more money for all societal actors in this judicial stage play.

Mr. Vasquez needs to stop worrying about Black people.

He needs to worry that his trashy, insipid, EBT-centric existence has become a stain on Mexican people. Blacks have their own problems to contend with. There’s no need for Mexicans to act like they are the favored whites. Mexican familial culture is death. I’ve facetiously theorized that Black ghetto families should be relocated to 99% White areas in order to break up their diseased loop of violence and laziness; I would go one step further and suggest that Mexican gangsters should be taken from their families and placed in the homes of Midwestern German families for a dose of humility and conscientiousness.

Just a suggestion. A proposal lacking any modesty whatsoever.