Even the “dumb card” couldn’t save Robert Ladd in Texas. Sorry to ruin your “saintly Black murderer” motif, Tom Hanks.

I find the PC euphemism of “intellectually disabled” tedious, clumsy and desperate.

Back in my day, we called them retards, maybe dimwits. We didn’t tramp around flower pedals to put a fine fragrant scent of perfume on every turd to present itself.

If you’re able to take a human life, then you’ve surrendered your claim to intellectual disability. The act of initiating a premeditated murder tells me you have joined the ranks of human, hence, your share of brains is adequate enough to call upon that frontal lobe to perform the delicately human task of cold-blooded murder.

If you can find it in your brain to, over the span of your insignificant, noxious life, kill two women and two children, you don’t get to plead dumb. Especially if you look like this, in which case, brains and lack of intellectual vibrancy have little to add in the way of explanation.


Texas executes intellectually disabled killer Robert Ladd

Texas has executed an intellectually disabled prisoner despite a high court ban on putting mentally impaired prisoners to death, the second such violation of constitutional protections to occur in the US this week.

Robert Ladd, 57, died by lethal injection on Thursday evening. Under Texas’s unique – and widely ridiculed – definition of intellectual disability, he was deemed capable of being executed because he did not match the degree of mental impairment depicted in a character in a John Steinbeck novel.

In the wake of two Texas executions of allegedly retarded murderers in the past week, Brian Stull of the ACLU (incidentally, a group I routinely support), told the Guardian, “we are in the midst of a complete systems failure in terms of honouring the constitutional protections the supreme court ordered for intellectually disabled people.”

I don’t give a crap about “intellectually disabled” people. And as I said, they cease to be so once they take a life.

They forfeit their “dumb card” upon committing a capital offense.

Reality is not some sappy, apologist Tom Hanks piece of crap movie like The Green Mile.

In real life, people can be vile murderers and dumb as rocks. It doesn’t make them a saint or deserving of any special guilt-tortured human grace.