The Art of Trollhood




Much has been said and slung recently about internet trolls. Troll concern-trolls’ hysteria mongering is pure panacea.


Yeah, sure…trolls are annoying and can be infuriating in that special ring-their-neck kinda harmless tongue-in-cheek way, but really…are they that bad??


Do we need to lose sleep over them and their shenanigans? They are harmless and benign. And besides, the best of them can be quite amusing and witty. I love that kind of harsh, aggressive, bullying banter, myself. This is how real men talk among themselves. They cut you down and fuck you up. It’s verbal judo!


I’m a strong believer in the maxim that if you’re going to dish it out, you better be prepared to take it. How many of us have known one or several people, usually guys, who can trash talk at you non-stop, but the moment you talk back or give them a dose of their own medicine, they turn spiteful and defensive. I love it when someone integrates both facets of this interpersonal hostility and can spar until only one verbally bloodied man is left standing.


I personally enjoy beholding trolling when it is done well, when it is dished with knife-sharp wit and that edgy, unapologetic no-fucks-to-give attitude. I value strength of character, the kind that brushes off such verbal abuse, and in fact, reacts with a flood of equally destructive words in retaliation. It’s war!


I heard another mental health wimp professional accuse internet trolls of “psychopathy” the other day.


Oh brother. Go back to school and masturbate over your latest DSM-5, you thin-skinned sensitivity case. God. Just just up. We don’t need these disembodied, vague collective mental diagnoses which intend to damn a group of people you know absolutely nothing about.


Trolls simply love conflict. Perhaps they enjoy watching the world burn. Does that make them all evil?


I’m a glib jokester.


I tend to humor a little too much, but I can say that internet trolls are no skin off my back. The problem is that they tend to be disruptive and naturally will gravitate to forums and blogs which offer the most exposure, ie, those with the most views and comments. Sometimes trolls offer more entertainment than the “legitimate” comments.


I celebrate the Art of Trollhood!


The meaner, the fiercer, the better. If you’re going to troll, go big, or go back to your bridge, you little homo.


In the spirit of wild animal parks and public outdoor shooting ranges, I offer the new troll sanctuary.


***updated 0640, 1/26****

Apropos of this, posted just a couple of hours ago on Freethought Blogs.