Who was the Huang horsewoman?

I like LiveLeak.

It’s more of a “mainstream” alternative to the censorial safety of YouTube. You can’t really put much gore on YouTube, and you’re hard-pressed to download anything from YouTube either, even the free shit.

YouTube is like your clenched-ass, repressed Aunt Gertrude.

Whereas LiveLeak is like your slightly younger, impish and horny solicitous Auntie Beth. The one who lives alone but is prone to showing up at family events in a flagrant mini-skirt and with the smell of formaldehyde vodka on her breath.

LiveLeak shows more than YouTube, but it resists being the out and out mindless voyeuristic cabal of unconscionable blood and guts than some of its more obscure, sinister cohorts with ghetto-sounding names.

Most amusing are the Google translations that LiveLeak uses to describe its horrendous videos, translations usually nabbed from news accounts mangled from the native country.

I spied this video today.

It takes place in a highway tunnel in Taiwan (of course) and involves a driver inexplicably steering into a group of stopped motorcyclists for no apparent reason other than “they were just there.”

All amusing, in its own right.

Until you stumble upon the Google translation of this news account in the LiveLeak feed. It’s a treasure trove of malapropisms and dangling brain participles.

(google translate) Huang silver woman driving a small passenger car to go to work this morning, nearly nine while walking toward the tunnel Shihlin self direction, rear-ended another vehicle traveling in front of the motorcycle, and then hit the tunnel wall, causing the locomotive Huang horsewoman (31 years old) were injured Medical dead.

Huang woman testified that she was dodging traffic accident in front of the locomotive, before the small buses bound for the right to dodge; police say woman suspected yellow Negligent homicide is currently the responsibility of making the record in order to clarify the incident.

Police said the woman saw yellow motorcycle accidents, there are two motorcycle riders injured and one motorcycle riders because dodge scene since fall injury accident, which injured three hospital did not cause illness.

The LiveLeak comments are typically priceless, but frankly, I just want to know where this Huang horsewoman is (the 31-year-old dead one). For all we know, she might have been the last living horsewoman on Earth and we just watched her die.

I want to know. I demand answers!