January 7, 2015: a fucked up day for satire and farce.

The Topic of the Day yesterday was too massive for me to get my grimy blog hands around.

By the time evening rolled around and I was ready to pen another missive, the big News Story was splashed in such abundance, everywhere, and accompanied by every bit of information and opinion possible, that I felt that at this late point in the day, there was little I could add.

Instead, I just read and read and watched videos, repeatedly, of gunfire and police maneuverings. But I realized that to jump in the pen with all the other global opinion and news pieces would be to truly be swallowed within the swarm of global cacophony.

So I found another story that caught my eye and presented me a wry opportunity to spout off.

The events, which occurred in Florida, were equally horrific in their own right.

The early reports involved the murder of a 16-year-old boy by his conspiring sisters, 11 and 15.

There was little other info when this story broke, but judging by the fact that the parents were not home for the night, and that 2 young girls were motivated to murder their older brother, obviously insinuated some truly bizarre dysfunction in that family. This was a given. As I’m apt to do, I took the story and ran with it, ran and ran, and overreached in the name of satire/farce (which is about 80-90% of everything I write here) and posted a piece which essentially accused (this is the satire part) the 15-year-old sister of being a “SJW-in-training” owing to her unique appearance which screamed Social Justice Warrior, and this was further enabled/emboldened by the dearth of info about the murder or its possible genesis.

I hedged my script as well and made sure to qualify that as soon as the “real narrative” became known, the story might change drastically. I based my satire completely on the rudimentary facts we had yesterday.

That is, before the unfolding horror of the household was released to the news today. Turns out, there was a layer or 2, or 50, beneath this sibling murder that bespoke a household of nightmarish physical and sexual abuse.

A 15-year-old girl who fatally shot her 16-year-old brother suffered years of abuse, including being locked in a room for weeks at a time with only a blanket and a bucket to use the bathroom, according to police reports and interviews.

The shooting at a small white house off a dirt road in rural north Florida happened Monday while the children’s parents were away for work. The father, a truck driver, and his wife, who often goes with him, left the 16-year-old boy to watch over the 15-year-old, her 11-year-old sister and their 3-year-old sister, police said. The parents left Sunday and were due back Tuesday.

Sometime Monday, the 15-year-old girl was locked in her room by her brother, police said. After the boy fell asleep, she talked her 11-year-old sister into unlocking her door.

The older girl then went outside and used a knife to remove an air conditioner from her parents’ bedroom window. She climbed in while her 11-year-old sister kept watch and grabbed a handgun, police said.

The girl went back inside the house, telling her young sisters to get in the closet, she told police. She turned her head and fired at her sleeping brother in the living room, and he screamed “Help! Help!”

She buried her head in a pillow for a while and upon returning to the living room, the girl found her 3-year-old sister trying to wake her dead brother, according to the police report.

She fled with her 11-year-old sister, leaving the 3-year-old behind, police said.

“It’s hard for us to get our arms around this act,” Columbia County Sheriff Mark Hunter said. “This is the stuff nightmares are made of.”

Police caught up with the girls after a friend of theirs received a “weird phone call” from the 11-year-old girl, saying she had run away and needed someone to pick her up from a Dollar General, according to a police report. When the woman arrived, she found the older sister there, too.

The older girl said something might have been wrong with another sibling at home. As she spoke, she applied makeup and “would not maintain eye contact and appeared emotionless,” officers wrote in a police report.

She soon started crying and told the officers that her brother had beaten her and that she had shot him.

When officers arrived at the home, the 3-year-old said: “he’s dead.” The brother’s body was lying near the fireplace, under a blanket with his head on a pillow.

Police have not released a motive for the shooting.

The girls’ mother told police that they often locked the 15-year-old girl up when she misbehaved. The longest they kept her locked in her room was 20 consecutive days, the father told police.

In the girl’s room, police found only a blanket and a bucket filled with urine in the closet.

My farcical exaggeration was in accusing the girl of being a SJW in reaction to the “bullying” brother and furthermore, that she exerted her own brand of justice on him for just being a typical big brother. Beneath this veneer of normalcy, however, I sensed there lurked an insidious, evil dynamic that caused things to unfold as they did. But I failed to heed my gut.

Rule 1 of satire is to be leery of what it is you are satirizing and assume a worst case scenario should the satire go south.

In other words, if you plan on talking shit about something, you better be prepared to put your money where your mouth is, and stand by your piece. I failed to take this rule into account. Knowing full well that some very sordid, horrible facts might surface that would explain why a 15-year-old girl would kill her brother, I persisted making my point about SJW’s by using her miserable case as an example of the seeding of a typical SJW.

And today, I could not stand by my piece.

I caved to my conscience. In 6 years of blogging here, I’ve never taken a published post offline, but I did it in this case. I have deleted photos of the sisters from this site as well. Some fights, some causes, are more important than others, and this fight is decidedly not important considering the abuse the girls allegedly experienced.

The fight, the other one, overseas, that surfaced yesterday, is truly important, and calls for strength and unity; an honorable defense of freedom of expression and freedom from tyranny.

However, I stand by my satirical jabs at Social Justice Whores who, I believe, act entirely out of a perceived, or sometimes, real, sense of victimization. They fire off an externally focused and diffused sense of vigilantism across the internet because they resort to helplessness and bitterness instead of an empowered sense of responsibility and perseverance.

And that was my satire that took a tumble.