Follow the poo (and it ain’t kimchi).

These are the North Korean firms and individuals the Obamadminstration is punishing for their purported evil Sony deeds.

Wait…no. These entities weren’t directly involved in the alleged hack (incidentally, a complex global surreptitious offensive which took the American intelligence bureaucracy only a month to investigate and solve), but they mysteriously share the bad fortune of issuing from North Korea.

But still, they are “paying the price” for North Korea’s fictional role in the hack. As if American sanctions against North Korean anything really matter. The sanctions are symbolic busywork that makes Barack look “tough,” because as it stands, he has materialized into the biggest eunuch to occupy the Oval Office in a while.

— Reconnaissance General Bureau, North Korea’s primary intelligence organization that runs the country’s cyber warfare

— Korea Mining Development Trading Corporation, the state-owned arms dealer and exporter of equipment related to ballistic missiles and conventional weapons

— Korea Tangun Trading Corporation, which obtains technology to support North Korea’s defense research

— Kil Jong Hun and Kim Kwang Yon, who represent the southern African interests of KOMID

— Jang Song Chol, a KOMID representative in Russia working to obtain weapons materials from individuals in Sudan

— Yu Kwang Ho, a North Korean government official

— Kim Yong Chol and Jang Yong Son, KOMID representatives in Iran

— Kim Kyu, KOMID’s external affairs officer

— Ryu Jin and Kang Ryong, KOMID officials operating in Syria

— Kim Kwang Chun, a Korea Tangun Trading Corporation representative in Shenyang, China