Husband kills his wife, self, but there was a sad twist.

Interesting sad chain of events in New Hampshire.

A man killed himself and his wife, but apparently, based on his final Facebook posts and the location of the murder/suicide, it appears she might have been in a vegetative state following a previous suicide attempt, and this was his way of helping her escape her life-supported predicament as well as a “punishment” upon himself for delivering her there. It seems to be something he shouldered the blame for since he called 911 following her suicide attempt, thus, I’m assuming, leading to her rescue but ensuing vegetative state.

Mark and Kathy Lavoie

A couple was found dead inside a New Hampshire hospital after the husband apparently shot his wife and then himself shortly after outlining his plans in a Facebook post.

Police responded to gunshots inside a critical care room at Wentworth-Douglass Hospital in Dover just after 6 a.m. on Tuesday.

Mark Lavoie shot his wife, Kathy, “out of love,” Lavoie’s sister told the Associated Press.

His final Facebook message:

“I want to start off by saying this is going to be officially ruled a murder/suicide when in all actuality it is a double suicide … My baby was trying to escape the bi-polar demons that have been swirling around in her brain since childhood and now because of my selfishness in dialing 911 she is experiencing the only thing she feared more than her illness … life support on a respirator.”

I guess it’s “refreshing” that a horrendous spousal murder/suicide has empathetic grounds and not born of the mental illness we all read about in the tragic news column.