The dad who gave his daughter a “frozen doll” is doing society a long-term favor.

This video has gone mean-spirited viral, and though many find it hilarious (myself, included, of course), a good portion of the sensible, socially redeeming commentariat finds it reprehensible and cruel. These people are usually composed of knobby-kneed guys and chronically-exhaling women.

It’s funny!

Loosen up, people.

As always, enter the concern trolls with a good dose of damper:

Concern Troll

This is a humorless brand of person who becomes hopelessly lost in the meddlesome and anxiety-ridden maelstrom of their own twisted, schizophrenic conscience. Forever indebted to mopping up after a world torn apart by familial strife and shattered self-esteem, these people automatically infer that the entire human race is riddled with weakness in the same way they are. Stoicism is incomprehensible to them. They treat society as if it is a China shop. Since concern trolls are weak and spineless, they can’t fathom that humans, largely, are an emotionally hardy and resilient bunch.

Including the 8-year-old girl in this video who got punked by her dad.

In fact, I would say her reaction to her father’s “(F)rozen doll” was a lot more ballsy than some of the commentariat which took more offense at the prank than she did. It leads me to believe she might be accustomed to this dark homegrown chicanery.

A person’s ability to withstand teasing and caustic ribbing is learned and strengthened on the familial level. Some can “take it” more than others and much of this is learned behavior from childhood’s familial environment. For instance, my humor is dark and twisted and criminally irreverent, but the seeds of this personality trait did not materialize in a vacuum. I am the product of a family that is equally irreverent and twisted. Many people who aren’t familiar with the style of humor would be aghast at some of the dialogue that goes on between me and my family.

Same with this girl. Concern trolls, by nature, spawn from a breed of family and childhood that never inculcated in them the resilient spine and thick skin needed to master such seemingly “harsh treatment” by parents.

The girl in this video can cope, and she will not become an entitlement princess with such a background of salty humor. I think this man is well on the way toward nurturing and molding a woman of strength and nerve who will one day temper her childish impulses with a good dose self-deprecating humility and inability to resort to this opportunistic brand of feminine self-importance.

Perhaps if more fathers treated their daughters like strong little girls instead of demanding, wilting snowflakes, we might one day be greeted with a generation of women of truly bold women who don’t issue from the entitled and spoiled culture of Daddy’s Little Girl.