The thugetariat is looting our American dream.

We certainly know they are out there.

We see them and avoid them if possible, and they make us ill. They leech off this country’s overly-generous benefits, abuse its law-abiding citizens and exploit our culture’s innate egalitarianism.

The parasitic thugetariat is out there and it ruins us, for it must be treated with the same consideration and rights that the rest of us are afforded. Our instincts know this is outrageous and unfair. Some of us surrender to short-sighted despair and relinquishment of what makes this country unique. Many of us, in the face of the thugetariat’s brutality, opportunism and destructiveness, are quite willing to throw out the baby with the bathwater when it comes to American liberties.

The thugetariat tests our resolve.


Even I am prey to self-doubt when confronted by their primitive idiocy and thoughtlessness. I even believe I am more deserving of the American dream than these vile subhuman scumbags. But they are human, too. That fairness monster that rises in my head when I think like this, the demon of impartiality that possesses me, makes me realize this is not so.

The distasteful evil of fairness is that it also is very unfair, and I realize that we must swallow the bad with the good.

We cannot let the thugetariat loot our American dream.

We must fight back against them and defend America.

Let’s not loot America’s Constitution in order to fight back against the thugetariat. Let’s keep a straight mind and not react like totalitarian beasts.

After all, it is they who are the beasts.

The greatest lie of this idyllic blather about American freedom that is forced down our throats from a young age is that it is romantic and pretty and noble.

It is not, especially when abused by usurpers who don’t value it.