Sociability as an understudy to intelligence, and the corrupt, ineffective society thus born.


There are many discouragements, harsh truths in this life, waiting to be faced.


Some, we learn young, some, later, and some, we never seem to learn.


And learning does not connote acceptance. You see people fighting harsh truths all the time in the form of addiction, argumentativeness, bitterness, despondency, moroseness, even suicide.


I learned many harsh truths from an early age and constitutionally, I am unable to ignore even the most unpleasant things about our meek and brief human existence. I tend toward the “morose” side of the coping aisle.


I’ve been able to cope with the fact that I will never be the toughest, biggest guy on the block; that women, for the most part, just don’t give a shit about me; that I’ll never be fabulously wealthy or renowned for anything other than this scattered chunk of bloggery on the vast turbulent sea called the internet.


I’ll never be a sex icon or wildly popular.


I’m fine with this. I’ve adjusted my worldview and lifestyle around these “will never be’s.” My Zen existence of a daily, disciplined and mindful journey supersedes my shallow yearnings and egotistical maneuverings.


One thing, however, one harsh truth, that I have a hard time accepting, is that, in humans, social acumen and charm is the ultimate stand-in, understudy if you will, for intelligence, hard work, and a piercing analytic nature.


To be sure, intelligence and discipline are useful, and in fact, rewarded in certain modern contexts, but ultimately, everything hinges on the presence of superior social skills, absent everything else that might make for a superior and moral human being. In the void of social acumen, all virtuosity is nil, neutered.


The saddest thing is that sociability is not a virtue. It is bullshit.


The more a society rewards sociability at the expense of merit, the weaker and more corrupt and feminized it becomes.


God-like man…such the concept…is expunged and we are left with shallow, capricious, weak and impulsive mortals.