Gruber’s real problem…

Is that he has simply acknowledged a putative truth all American bureaucratic elites know.

His transgression was that he uttered some very un-PC observations of the highest order. We expect our oligarchs to quietly shake their heads at us while we pretend the emperor’s new clothes glitter with gold so we can plod forward one more day in the midst of our abject greed and consumerism.


He is wrong about one thing: Americans are not stupid, but they are lazy and undisciplined in shocking measures of distraction.

I’m not particularly shocked nor mad about his observations. Most of the fury is merely politically-motivated opportunism on the part of Conservatives now that one of the Federal Obamazens has uttered ugly truths that we all barely conceal beneath our polite palates. It allows the Right to move that chess piece one square closer amid the meticulous strategies which they hope will lead them to ultimate checkmate. They smell blood. Gruber blood.

But it’s not the truth the Republicans defend. It’s the manipulation of truth they are relying on to argue a non sequitur.

Republicans have allowed Gruber’s ruthless, utilitarian observations to cloud the barren substance of the policies he has helped trot out. Forget it. Americans are lazy and they’d rather amuse themselves with Kim Kardashian’s ass. Let’s give Gruber that much.

He has merely chosen to articulate the tenuous truths that perpetuate the fumbling inaction of the American government and its condescending attitude toward its 300+ million constituents.

The “stupidity” of the American voter is the unspoken issue of this diversion into the public feud, but it hardly addresses the boring substance of Obama’s policies because stupid people just don’t have the patience or focus to concentrate on that at the expense of Dancing With The Stars or NFL Sunday.