Lack of equanimity in today’s lowbrow, ghetto-ized pop culture and its obligatory spokesperson, Kanye.

This is what passes for conversation in today’s primarily low-brow pop cultural climate.

It’s not that the kernel of thought involved is unworthy. It’s the guttural, emotive expression involved that is.

Inflammatory, exaggerated expression replaces insight and intellectual novelty. The sense of philosophical discovery is dampened by exclamations and tiresome tension whose only purpose seems to be the razor’s edge of conflict itself.

I know many “ghetto” people and this is not an unusual structural form of dialogue. In the virtual wav. file that this type of discussion represents, and emotive levels substituted metaphorically for sound, these conversations are all over the place like a staccato roller coaster of flailing unfocused planetary perturbations. True thought, piercing examination, are drowned out by mode of delivery, not substance.

Equanimity is nowhere to be found and that is the shame.