Free John Creech. Yet another modest proposal from the trailblazing mind of Socially Extinct.

Some lurid developments in a local Tinseltown soap opera cheesedrama that began in May, 2012, when a tall, dashing, tanned Fox executive named Gavin Smith went missing after leaving a friend’s Ventura County home late one evening. Detectives worked on the case for over two years before the latest bombshell greeted us on Wednesday night when police confirmed that a body discovered by hikers in Palmdale on October 26 was conclusively identified as that of the missing Smith.




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The discovery of the body appears to have emboldened police speculation that Smith’s death was a contract killing, most likely involving an Indiana-born ex-con by the name of John Creech. Due to information that sources have told the news media previously, Creech has always been the subject of suspicion in the missing person’s case. Creech’s rap sheet includes a 5-year sentence for a meth charge in 2003, and more recently, an 8-year sentence for possession and sale of cocaine and meth. The strongest motive, as uncovered by E! Online, was based on the revelation that John Creech’s wife, Chandrika, began having an affair with Smith in 2008 when the two met in rehab (so very Hollywood of them). John Creech discovered the affair and he ordered his wife to put an end to it, which she did. Until it started up again…as they are apt to do.

Police have not yet charged Creech with the murder, but it’s obvious that’s where it’s headed.

Before I stray from the topic of my post, I’ve listed a few links for those wishing (and willing) to learn more about this sordid drama.

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Personally, I think John Creech should walk.

Not because I believe he had nothing to do with Gavin Smith’s murder. Hell, how obvious can it be? A love triangle, a motive, a shadowy criminal history…no, Creech has not been charged, but the implications of the police focus are quite clear. It sure looks like Creech had a role in this murder.

But I say he should walk. Don’t charge him.

This goes back to my post yesterday in which the astounding postulation is being bandied about that women should be given a “do not go to jail” pass simply because of their XX chromosomal status.

Fine…I’m willing to play along with this. Let’s give women that, but in return, men will similarly receive a get out of jail pass in situations where they murder, or have murdered, the man who is fucking their wife. It’s very medieval, but I think it is a fabulous barter point to contend with the craziness that society expends to placate women.

So: women will not go to jail for anything, ever, and men don’t go to jail for killing men who sleep with their wives, ever.

It’s so fitting. Of course, women will argue against such “alternative jurisprudence” because, in effect, it is relegating wives to the role of cattle or livestock. Uhm, yes, it is. So?

If women can commit any crime they please without having to face a day in prison, surely the least they can give us guys is the pleasant acknowledgement that wives are utilitarian commodities.

(Oh, and free John Creech for the drug charges as well. Drug crimes are bullshit.)