The absurd embellishments of feminism, aka, the vampire has entered the house.

The good folks at Patriactionary linked to a rather mortifying Washington Post article by M. Patricia O’Brien, an Associate Professor at University of Illinois, Chicago’s Jane Addams College of Social Work.

A Social Justice Warrior for the new era
A Social Justice Warrior for the new era

The piece by O’Brien appeared yesterday. Though hardly an impassioned plea for the outlandish suggestion that we should consider not imprisoning women (for a variety of nebulous reasons best left for you to discover on your own), it nevertheless is worth noting that the act of simply floating such a preposterous idea comes on the heels of a similiar discussion that is making the rounds in Britain’s House of Lords.

O’Brien begins:

It sounds like a radical idea: Stop incarcerating women, and close down women’s prisons. But in Britain, there is a growing movement, sponsored by a peer in the House of Lords, to do just that.

The argument is actually quite straightforward: There are far fewer women in prison than men to start with — women make up just 7 percent of the prison population. This means that these women are disproportionately affected by a system designed for men.

The case for closing women’s prisons is built on the experiences of formerly incarcerated women and activists who recognize that women who are mothers and community builders can find their way forward when they respected and supported. It is possible to imagine a future without women’s prisons; whether it’s achievable will require a bigger shift in thinking.

Such “testing of the waters” even rankles the most steadfast Kafkaesque absurdity.

This is how this progressive insanity works.

This is how the creature that is “feminism” has always worked. Specious increments, compounding, each outlandish postulation planted in the collective psyche where it slowly flourishes like yet another unfathomable girlish delusion.

An unfathomable girlish delusion that is humored and coaxed along by stupid men. Stupid men are the reason they have let this society slip through their fingers. The same civilization they once ruled. Women are not to blame for this stupidity and for having the shameless brashness to put forth ridiculous narratives like O’Brien’s.

“Feminism” as a social movement, a redundant encumbrance, was the blood-sucking vampire that the historical patriarchy, complacent in its reign, allowed in the society’s door.

It (feminism, the self-conscious anti-evolutionary social movement) is here to stay, along with all its absurd embellishments.

Pull up a chair and grab some popcorn.