The ass is unmasked. Another weak link in a deteriorating society.

I think I found him.

He torments me. He plagues my parking lot existence.

He is that ass. I know he’s out there. He leaves his traces behind like a stench of fecal entropy. He leaves his handiwork behind and it always hammers me in the face with its careless disrespect and moronic indifference.

I’ve longed to put a face to the ass, and now, I think the mask has been lifted.

The ass is unmasked!

I captured him; he’s been expelled from the repugnant darkness, the veil lifted, and now we can all know him. The ass can no longer hide.

Another parking lot dashcam, another afternoon at the grocery store. The ass has been caught in the act, the stone overturned to bare his vile disgrace.

If only I had been in may car at the time. I would have liked to ask the lumbering waste of skin why he expended such effort to put the cart right in the middle of a parking stall when, for the same amount of work, he could have just wheeled it a few feet away, to the empty, no-man’s parking land just to the front and right of the Fusion’s front bumper? This would have allowed him to still wallow in his sloven laziness while continuing to leave room for the next car to park (without the driver having to stop, exit the car, and move it themselves). In fact, I’ve done this at times when I’m in a mad rush…I’ll carefully place the cart in the “4-corners junction” of the adjoining parking stalls, thus leaving them all open and easily maneuverable to incoming or outgoing cars.

This ass didn’t care. It was as if he consciously placed the shopping cart in the middle of the stall in order to evoke the maximal displeasure from the next visitor.

There is a delicate, brittle skeleton of order and consideration that glues our society together. It is based on the commonly held implication that our actions should contribute in keeping the tenuous nature of our society balanced and at bay, and that the slightest deviation or careless action on the part of one person can dissemble and flare up causing ensuing unrest and havoc down the line and thus, one disrespectful, self-centered, inconsiderate action spawns a metastatic chain reaction of cumbersome antagonism and lack of cooperation on the part of many.

Our society is a house of cards. All bad, thoughtless actions, however seemingly trivial, are exponentially charged into a mass, collective disharmony that will tear society apart, micro-piece by micro-piece.

This ass left a cart sitting in the middle of a parking stall when the slightest effort on his part would have allowed the space to be used without confusion or frustration, thus sealing another fluid link in a society that runs well, efficiently, and respectfully.

But he didn’t, and now he, and many like him, created a culture that is shit.

Everything is a disorderly mess and an ashy coat of disrespect and disregard coats us all, drawing us into the nefarious sewer of a civilization that neither values or rewards conscientiousness. If anything, it punishes it.

If everyone is out for themselves, then themselves is what they’ll get.