DreamHost…best served when your account is in arrears.

Sorry, blame DreamHost.

Is complaining about your blog host like biting the hand that feeds you?

Who knows, but DreamHost sometimes drives me crazy.

My renewal is paid annually in August but I have 60 days to pay it, and being the financial wizard that I am, I take advantage of that and wait until October to cough up the dues. During that period of time, I receive regular email reminders from DreamHost telling me that I better pay up. During this time, my blog runs as smoothly as can be expected.

However, once I pay the renewal, guess what happens?

My site starts going down and freezing again. This has happened in previous years as well.

This morning, it was down again, and I presume judging by the astronomic dip in views, for quite a while.

But hey…I’m paid up for the year. I guess this will continue until DreamHost wants my money again.