The politicization of Ebola is the contagious projectile vomiting of the chattering class.

Such Ebola craziness that grips our psyche.

I don’t think I’ve seen quite the collective clenching of rectal muscles across the populace in quite a long time.

It’s like Invasion Of The Body Snatchers IRL, except the enemy is not sleep, it is dusty Africans with red eyeballs and projectile missiles. There is nothing quite as magnificent as a coldly utilitarian microbe to disrupt our sense of peace and complacency and to evoke the most strident and lunatic paranoia’s.

Being of the INTJ, scientific-minded persuasion, I find it difficult to palate that moment when it’s apparent most people around me are reacting in purely emotional, superstitious and unthinking frightful manners of myopic pedagogic reactivity.

I cannot help it.

I’m not an emotional reactor. I don’t allow emotions and fears to paint my opinions. An opinion is a preciously intelligent human asset. I don’t tolerate abandoning our high-level cranial appraisals of life for raw, primitive, autonomic reactions to perceived danger without the benefit of rational, analytic thought.

The Ebola “plague” is one such trigger that separates the clear-minded from chicken little hysteria.

This casts me into a role of uncomfortable duality in which I find that I commiserate with many people while concomitantly disagreeing and clashing with their sense of impending doom.

I agree with them about Ebola on several levels.

Yes, it is a frightening, lethal virus.
Yes, it poses a danger to Americans.
Yes, the American government’s reaction, and in turn, that of its representative health infrastructure, has been pathetic, repressed, moronic, short-sighted, ulterior, thoughtless, and bureaucratic.

And I disagree with them as well.

No, Ebola will not become a pandemic.
No, Ebola will not fulfill the ancient predictions of global pestilence.
No, Ebola will not become airborne.
No, Ebola will not lay waste to humankind.

Too many people have privately, blindly, politicized this viral outbreak and they continue quite happily exaggerating its dangers in order to add more sheen to their anti-Obama (ie, “Obola”) fetish. They are invested in this chain of “logic.” It’s quite predictable now that I find the greatest purveyors of “Ebola is coming to get you” paranoia plot lines are similarly the same people who secretly relish the thought that gradually, this administration’s already tarnished coat will turn to shit brown the more fierce and deadly the Ebola outbreak becomes in the United States. I am convinced this breed of Ebola-adulating ideologue cheers on the bad news in the privacy of their own infantilized Obama-hating anti-science minds.

Of course the American government is stinking up the hospital room. But it merely highlights the ineffectiveness of a federally response to a local health emergency that is best managed by local experts and professionals. We don’t need Federal fearmongers perpetuating the ignorance of the chattering classes.

The Ebola virus has been a source of great fodder for my evil Photoshoppery. On this note, I unveil my latest in accordance with this post.

Ebola Flag10