The little Alpha man I saw today (very little)

Earlier today, I happened upon a couple as they burst out blindly from between parked cars and into the bright light of a parking lot, causing me top halt my happy progression. Normally, I would have uttered a private stream of bitter, hateful comments for such a thoughtless duo, but today…it was a different matter.

As soon as I saw the man (he was difficult to see from behind the car), my anger quickly turned to amusement and eventually, mutated into a derisive voyeurism, something of which I seem frightfully capable.

He was truly a half-pint. He was a stocky little, yiddle, man. It was as if Life, or the gods or whoever owns this madness, in fucking with him, joked that he could have the breadth of a normal man but only the vertical reach of a child. That is the deal, Jose. No use crying about it.

And Jose did not cry about it!

Even as his little legs waddled away as fast they could take him out of my impatient path, he kept his steady composure as he ambled up to his car door handle.

Jose is the real deal. He picked his chin up and ventured out into that harsh world and hooked up with a rather attractive woman in spite of the odds. Look at that little Alpha man. Walking like he owns the goddamned world and making the bitch carry the bag. Heartiste and his crazed legions would slap the fellow on the backside of his head if they could (thinking, of course, that they were aiming for his back).

It’s a trite thing to say, but being short does suck for a man. I can write reams of shit about that (and have, on these electronic Phoenixism pages), but each time I take stock of my life and wonder “damn, what could I have been if I’d grown at least another 6 inches,” I need to revisit this video and consider this dude might say the same thing, except he would need to substitute “2 feet” for “6 inches.”

Or maybe it was just his sister.