Uh, no. I don’t care about football one way or the other. I just think it’s boring as hell.

It’s highly amusing, in much the same way a dog wearing a sweater is, when I hear people trying to intellectualize as vapid a matter as football.

Charlotte Allen, guest blogging at the Los Angeles Times, confronts an editorial that appeared in the same newspaper by Steve Almond (and something he later repeated in a separate Salon article) in which he took the sport to task for various seemingly knee-jerk, contrived reasons. Allen contends, that it’s not football Almond has a problem with…it’s maleness, something she assumes is a proxy for the ridiculous sport.

Steve Almond doesn’t like football anymore. He’s upset because football players sometimes get injured. He’s upset because football players sometimes engage in off-the-field criminal or quasi-criminal acts. Mainly, he’s upset because football is a masculine sport played by men and enjoyed by men.

I really don’t care for football, but my reasons are less sociopolitical. I dislike the game for reasons having nothing to do with gender or “masculinity.” It is possible to dislike the sport for no other reason other than that one may find it plodding and repetitive and an overblown spectacle of meaningless collisions.

I just think it’s just boring as shit.