Where Camille Paglia and Socially Extinct intercepted.

It’s quite revealing and indicative of our instant cyber age that an article that is just a little over 24 hours old can so readily be cast aside as “old news,” but that is certainly the sense that I get in linking to Camille Paglia’s Time Magazine treatise in which she opines on the American (and the West’s) Darwinian reversal march. According to Paglia, complacence and pampered home lives and an over-civilized familial culture interspersed with First World entitlement-fed apathy and ignorance has resulted in a breed of college student that is incapable of self-protection or the calling upon of sharp, primal instincts which should automatically trigger when survival beckons.

Simply put, modern technological culture is breeding a domesticated, innocuously coated species of Millennial “beast” that is, at best, helpless in the foreign role of recognizing and contending with danger.

Paglia wrote:

Too many young middleclass women, raised far from the urban streets, seem to expect adult life to be an extension of their comfortable, overprotected homes. But the world remains a wilderness. The price of women’s modern freedoms is personal responsibility for vigilance and self-defense.

I agreed heartily as I read her piece. I concur strongly with Paglias’ sentiments. Technology and modernity have made men less warrior-like and women less prudent.

In a world where your primal instincts are lathered over by our culture of electronic nannyism and effusive watchdoggedness, the result can only be a caliber of human that is but a skinny stack of delicate bones and tremulous sensibilities. So shielded are today’s youth from savagery, cruelty, unfairness, brutality, that their entire chain of maturity is molded around the acceptance and expectation of a scripted world approved by censors and protectors. Paglia’s article struck a note, for I recall having written a post which vaguely touched on this point.

I found it. Titled Why do White people keep falling to their death? and posted August of last year, I wrote (I used “White” as the archetype, the analog, for all modern, First World inhabitants):

Modern, urban, young White people have no sense of danger because they don’t know danger. This is typified by extending the safety harness of ledges and rickety rusted metal cages to their everyday pampered lives. It’s natural selection on a very small scale. If we do not learn danger, we become weak, ignorant, and worst of all, incautious.

White people have become horribly incautious and this is why they’ve lost control of the United States.

Perhaps it’s a stretch to correlate the deaths of falling White people with American decline, but it’s very appropriate if one truly pays attention.

White people lean too far because no one has taught them that it’s time to stop, and everything falls to shit.