Gayer than a pack of wild Chihuahuas…or close to it.

wild chihuahua

This blog is a little over 5 years old. Occasionally I read older posts and I’m struck at how my persona, my writing, the very vibe around here, has evolved since my first post in August, 2009. I used to write with more levity. It seems I actually enjoyed this exercise a bit more. I took myself less seriously than I do now, no mean feat.

My misanthropy has grown, my mean-spirited cyber nature is more ferocious. At times, maintaining this has become a labor of what-the-fuck over a labor of love.

Whatever. I mention all this drivel because it came to mind earlier when I read something over at Althouse. A very long time ago, I thought of an analogy that I hoped would take root and become a deep-seated meme (or as far as that concept existed in pre-digital days). I wanted to be the owner of a popular expression that would be repeated millions of times like wildfire over the entirety of society as it fabulously entered the lexicon of modern discourse. And I would be the proud “father.” I uttered it as often as I could possibly fit shamelessly into conversation, but alas, it went nowhere. When I started this blog, I had an opportunity to sneak it into a post. Nothing. Still, I was rather proud of my verbal invention. It concerned the countless numbers of gay men we encounter in our daily lives, especially as concerning the very flamboyant, egregiously gay subjects who leave us no doubt as to their leanings. I used to say of such men: “He is gayer than a pack of wild Chihuahua’s.”

No one seemed to find it as amusing as I, but it was not for lack of trying.

And it was barely with a trace of irony that I managed to fit my Chihuahua observation into a post from January 28, 2010, which detailed my encounter with a very gay Filipino JW on the Red Line during my morning commute. So there it was, my desperate analogy that sought to bury its cultural roots in the earthly foundations of our pop culture. From the post:

Oh, and I also noticed as he attempted to hand me the propaganda that the dude was gay as a pack of a wild Chihuahua’s. You could just tell. He had that curly smile and sweet expression, and the slightly limp wrist as he put the Watchtower away after I rebuffed him. Eeks! That changed the whole dynamic. I never knew the JW’s were so…open.

Well, hilariously, Althouse linked to a news story from the SFGate titled Thousands of stray Chihuahuas roam Bay Area neighborhoods. The story describes the overpopulated glut of the little annoying rat dogs throughout the San Francisco bay area, a symptom of the recent rush by mindless buffoons to join the toy-dog-in-a-purse adoration crowd. Like all good ghetto, overextended blights on society, many owners, having shown a customary lack of long-term consideration when it comes to responsible behavior, have abandoned Chihuahua adults and puppies in droves. The gay bay area is swarming in crazed little Chihuahua rats!

Animal control officials said the pooch is probably one of the thousands of stray Chihuahuas wandering neighborhoods from San Jose to Vallejo, victims of overbreeding and negligent owners. In fact, stray Chihuahuas comprise the majority of dogs in local shelters and are frequent sights at vacant lots, parks and sidewalks.

“There’s such an overabundance of these dogs, what do we do with them all? It’s heartbreaking,” said Deirdre Strickland, head of a Chihuahua rescue group in Oakland called the Power of Chi. “Especially the tan males. They can be great dogs, but no one wants them.”

And finally, my dreams of cementing a gay-Chihuahua analogy have collided with reality.