“lately, justly or not, i feel you’re avoiding me” – manners of avoidance


See, the thing is, the English language, and human language in general, is bloated with ambiguity. Human expression is ambiguity.

There are signals and tones and cadences and expressions and lacks of congruence to read and interpret, on the spot. We are simple and stupid people. We don’t catch all that shit. Once in a while, something ambles along and slaps us in the face with clarity, but only after the fact. Hindsight is cruelly 20/20. “Why didn’t I see that?”

Conversely, we must realize that what we exude, what we portray, is never what we believe it to be. This is what makes us such crappy communicators. Not that we don’t read signals well; it’s that we don’t transmit them well.

Our inner mind fires neurons and triggers muscular synapses that ultimately pay tribute to little of what we really think, at least in terms of how others read our mannerisms.

This is the embodiment of miscommunication. It lives in the purveyance of information. We don’t know how to act in concordance with how others perceive!

lately, justly or not, i feel you’re avoiding me.

Too many people think that proximity doubles as intimacy and revelation.

Perhaps it’s a function of this crazed urban jungle that spans humanity. Talking and spending time do not equate to anything approaching non-avoidance. People avoid in manners of being. It’s the hypersensitive, hyperaware, who see this shit to the point of conspiracy and paranoia.

Many people who might otherwise be mistaken as paranoid are actually unusually acute to environmental cues, and of course, the problem is that such a skill increases the amount of “false-positives,” hence insanity.