Shrew in Hawaii walks all over Hawaiian guy and all he can do is film because modern enlightened society has tied his hands.


Check out this shrew’s road rage behavior in Hawaii.


I’ve heard from many that Hawaiian drivers are some of the most chill folks out there. I don’t think this cunt got the memo.






In a sane, mature world, any man would be entitled, even encouraged and expected, to assert and display just the right dose of male strength necessary (without truly inflicting permanent harm) to subdue and silence the emboldened witch. Conversely, in a sane world, she would not expect anything less of a man and hence, not act like such a petulant prepubescent swine.


But the law and society is on her side. A woman without qualified behavioral limits is indeed a force to be reckoned with.


Can you imagine the mirror image of this scenario involving a violently angry man who approaches a woman’s vehicle in such a manner?


Our White Knight American pussy culture would step up in a mighty and rousing denunciation of his aggressive and horrible threatening behavior (while congratulating itself smugly for salvaging the woman’s fractured honor).






Update: Kimberly Ong is her name-o….