I’d respect Drew Carey more if he put his $10,000 away and instead began the “Bed Pan Challenge”

Police in Ohio have allegedly identified the perpetrators of that heinous twist on the Ice Bucket challenge that left a 15-year-old autistic boy awash in a noxious bullybrew of piss, shit, cigarette butts and spit. All the do-goodyism that modern internet/celebrity culture could conjure erupted in response. Calls for criminal prosecution filled the airwaves. This was awful and cruel, yada yada.


I got to wondering…if we called upon the police to investigate every act of teenage cruelty to dot the American landscape, they would not have time to concentrate on real crime. What is the statute of limitations for this shit (literally)? I can think of some things from my school years that I’d like the cops to check out.

C’mon, this is not a crime. The parents of the bullies should see to it that their children are punished on a traditional familial level. We don’t need the police and Drew Carey piping in on this incident which is really nothing more than rehashed juvenile cruelty that has plagued 15-year-old boys…forever. All it takes now for something to blow something up beyond all good sense and reason is strategic addition of a trigger word. In this case, we had two! Autism and bullying. This is Nanny Fodder.

If people really want to put their money where their mouth is and stand unified behind this boy, why don’t we start a new challenge to show our corny, collective commiseration.

We shall call it the Bed Pan Challenge!