Channel 34 Univision reporter accuses man of being a “ressis” and gets owned.

More cringe-worthy refuse from those who purport to be “my” people and march empty-headed into the regurgitated sphere of irrelevant talking points, meandering non sequiturs and brainless leaps of logic.

Between her horrendous, stereotypical accent and grammar and embarrassing debate style, this reporter made quite a showing for herself. I have no idea the context, but this appears to be (I’m assuming) Los Angeles and the network is Univision’s local outlet, Channel 34. The subject at hand is an interview of two anti-illegal immigration protesters, one who appears to have been hurt.

Ah! More fodder to make most Mexican-Americans appear to be ignorant illegal immigration apologists whose only rebuttal to any person who argues against illegal immigration must involve a nonsensical string of Spanglish inanities and trite accusations.