NYC (aka, be Blahsio), what on Earth is your problem? Striving for Zero mph speed limits and the plague of Civil Interventionists.

Man, I thought California was a meddling, hypersensitive nanny, but you put us to shame.

Bill to Reduce Speed Limit to 25 M.P.H. Gains Favor

A proposal to lower the New York City speed limit to 25 miles per hour cleared a critical hurdle on Tuesday, as a bill in the State Senate won the support of the de Blasio administration and some, though not all, traffic safety advocates.

If passed before the legislative session ends this week, the bill, introduced late Monday by Senator Jeffrey D. Klein, and companion legislation in the State Assembly would deliver perhaps the most significant change yet under Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Vision Zero plan to eliminate traffic deaths in the city by 2024.

Mercifully snipped…

Of course, this ignores the fact that traffic deaths could be eliminated completely if speed limits were reduced to Zero.

Does anyone who has driven on the Big Apple streets believe a 25 mph speed limit will put a stop to traffic deaths?

A speed limit of Zero, however, would eliminate traffic deaths, noise pollution, air pollution, decrease our dependence on foreign oil. It’s a win win. I’m sure we can all find a way to get there…

In fact, I further propose that all childbearing should be illegal. If enacted, we would no longer have accidents or deaths in a few generations. It will be happy, worry-free world which is all the worry warts seem to lust after, and besides, it would fall in line with the existing breeding habits of all the sensibile elitist civil interventionists who would celebrate this nonsense.