The “everyday sexism” of slut feminists.

The BBC’s John Humphrys has been taken to task over something the Cult of Women’s Victimology is now calling “everyday sexism,” a strange phrase as nebulous and self-serving as “micro-aggressions.”

“Everyday sexism,” as used in the context of a ho-hum accusation by British Foreign Office minister, Lady Farsi, appears to draw out the faintest traces of sexism from the most innocuous comments made by men. Everyday sexism is like an electric coil that can create a lightning strike from a spark.

This all stemmed from a “sexual violence in war” event which British Secretary of State, William Hague, chose to attend with Angelina Jolie and which consequently incited Humphrys to accuse Hague of allowing Jolie’s sex appeal to trump policy (because in Humphrys’ estimation, he should have been paying attention to the Iraqi crisis).

In a terse exchange with the foreign secretary, Humphrys suggested William Hague had been a bit “star struck” by being photographed with movie star Angelina Jolie while attending a sexual violence in war summit in London.

That’s British-speak for saying William Hague was a bit pussy-struck and instead chose to spend his valuable time chasing down stupid feminist causes, like sexual violence in war time. Isn’t war in itself violent? So in the heat of battle in which men are dying, women still believe rape is equally grave? Uh, leave it to Angelina Jolie to perpetuate highfalutin tripe like this.

Warsi defended Hague, insisting he was “incredibly passionate” about the issue of sexual violence towards women in conflict zones.

She added: “In terms of the comments, well, you know, everyday sexism, what can we say.

“If there are men out there who believe women can’t be beautiful and brainy maybe they should read the foreign secretary’s speech in Washington last year when he said it is finally time for women to take their place at the important tables where decisions are made …”

Mmm, Lady Warsi, how about this everyday sexism, American style: Angelina Jolie is an entitled airhead whore who uses her star power to shed light on bullshit issues while clinging greedily to her luxurious, elitist Hollywood lifestyle.

Now that is the everyday sexism.