The myth of the mysterious female and why men need to sever the trance.


Women are not mysterious. They are not “incomprehensible.”


Don’t tell yourself this, guys. Purge that shit from your head.


The “women are confusing/mysterious/don’t understand them” memes are destructive for men to keep repeating or be mindful of. If men continue to recite these hesitations, they become more helpless, and helpless men are dangerous and unsavory.


Women are not mysterious and this is a dogma you need to relinquish immediately. Leave it behind, leave that church of female mysteriousness to petrify. It is a cult and it’s not true and only in perpetuating the stupidity of the mantra does it become true, because then it only empowers women and deters masculinity.


I don’t believe I’ve ever heard a woman rebuke the mantra.


Women sneakily humor it and allow the sentiment to spawn on the lips of buffoons for it elevates the intrigue of women, thereby empowering them…for doing nothing. Conversely, internalizing this nonsense makes men weaker for it allows them to eschew control of the male/female dynamic, and most men do this because they are lazy, cowardly, and hypnotized by the illusory power of the female.


The “women are mysterious” chant takes advantage of human nature which instinctively cowers before the unknown. An increasingly femininized society leeches off the intimidation implicit in the popular definition of women as mysterious. It has become such an overriding given of modern society that men no longer think to question or contradict such apparent, institutionally perpetuated “wisdom.”


Men need to stop buying into this unqualified faith in the smokey mirage of the mysterious woman.


Man, being what he is in 2014, is not one to take charge of, or barrel into, the unknown. He is sensible, he likes houses and money and land and LinkedIn reputations and he doesn’t want to upset things, especially women. It’s easier to recite hollow platitudes of common precepts that are unfounded and unproven, such as “I can’t understand women.”


Men cower before women and they write it off as “women are mysterious” and thus don’t persist. This collective sublimation to feminine mysteriousness leads men down the blind alley of stupidity and weakness, and rather than actively practicing what nature taught him for millions of years, he weakly chooses to ascribe it to this mysterious mysteriousness which is complete garbage.


It’s time to stop the nonsense.


The sooner men stop buying into this mindset, the sooner they might take charge of the cultural situation which is rather bleak right now. Incels, mass shooters, Beta/Omega losers, all of them, need to stop treating women as rare jewels and realize, that at their most basic level, women are frighteningly simple.


Women are base.
Their pleasures are plain and unadulterated. They are not complicated, nor are they mysterious.


Women are sensual creatures and you must merely behold them as such.


When I argue that women are sensual creatures, I am saying that they seek fulfillment and satisfaction through the carnal input of the physical senses solely. There is little to woman without her physical senses. A woman is unable to conjure pleasure or succor without the bridge to the outside world using the pathways of her physical senses that establish her in that same external world.


Women enjoy and live for taste and touch and smell, they seek such distractions in magnanimous measure. In the cerebral realm, they seek capricious excitement and novelty through visual and auditory input.


This is all there is to women.


If Elliot Rodger and all the other hapless male specimens of the 21st Century knew this, they might use their surplus intelligence toward exploiting the disappointing depth that is female nature.