To the first blogger who cries “Beta rage” …. lolz. Elliot Rodgers should have blamed the machines, not the women.

C’mon, let’s quit laying everything at the feet of this nebulous “Beta rage.”

Men have always experienced Beta rage, ever since Day 1 of the evolution parade. There have always been substantial portions of the male population who don’t get to be the prime breeders, but there is one difference between the Beta male of 5,000BC and the Beta male of 2014.

The males of antiquity still had the opportunity to exert a primal masculinity that was called for in one form or another because physical might was a force to be reckoned with, socially, culturally and economically.

It’s not the fault of women. Women haven’t changed that drastically, really. They are simple, impulsive creatures. Their gender role remains the immutable force of male defiance it’s always been. Women have always held great power over men, but in the past, men could express their discarded rage constructively.

That is the change. Men have no rage channels now.

Men must behave and play by female rules of propriety and timidity in 2014. Men must suppress their rage instead of building a factory or monument with their hands. Now the robots and machines do the man’s work.

Man should be mad at captains of industry who seek the cheapest bottom line, not women.

Elliot Rodgers of yore could have expressed masculinity in many ways other than being a hollow PUA player, a role he was ill-suited for. He could have contributed the mechanics of the world. But now, the machines have taken that from us men.

It’s not Beta rage…it’s human rage.