Disneyland is ass and Tinker Bell is a syphilitic slut.

I don’t give a shit about Disneyland raising its prices for those imbalanced people who dare enter its oversized sweaty swamp of artificial gaiety.

Fuck Disneyland.

I hate Disneyland and its suffocating, shimmering crowds. I hate the lame rides, the escapist bullshit. It stifles my soul.

Hate it.

I hate Disney movies and all Disney entertainment, I hate what it does to our youth, I hate how it cures the under-aged meat of each generation into little consumerist talking pups living in worlds of fantasy and empty cotton candy bullshit pseudo-reality.

Disney is ass.

Disneyland can charge $5.00 to enter and you know what? I still wouldn’t step foot in that candy-scented cesspool.

Disneyland is for people who can’t deal with life which is basically all children and escapist adults who want to sugarcoat this slimy life that teems with sewage and depravity. Disney makes everything good again!

Animals talk, imaginary human beings of ethereal origin fall in love, magic is in the air, as is that little undersized cunt, Tinker Bell.

I’d like to see Tinker Bell wrap her insect-sized legs around my shaft and ride it like an electric horsey.

Bitch, just a Disney bitch.