Western Christianity is so much better than Boko Haram. We don’t kidnap bodies…we only kidnap minds.

My response to the effusive and nauseating do-goodyism that tends to assault my civilized senses in the wake of the media storm surrounding the 200+ Nigerian schoolgirls kidnapped by the purist Islamic group, Boko Haram, last month is the same I give when I’m asked if I give money to homeless people, and how I feel about this.

Same response:

It’s sad and tragic, on the surface, but I’m not god, and not all-powerful, so it’s not my concern. I either help everyone or I help no one. I’m a weak, solitary man, so guess.

The Nigerian schoolgirls were kidnapped for “principled” dogmatic reasons which involved “de-Westernizing” them.

The laws of Sharia are explicit and not capricious. Our Western Judeo-Christian judicial systemic bureaucrats can only dream of such an unforgiving strictness and unmediated nature. Still, right-wing christians clamor for a death penalty to the blind ear that is their judicial system that has no balls and no follow-through. And after all that, they still conveniently damn Islam which actually does have the balls to exert power and dictatorial command.

Christianity, as it exists in 2014, is a diluted greedy religion that has sold out to the capitalist constraints of Western culture and has forsaken all its guts, especially when compared to the ravenous Islamics.

Even Christians who maintain a hard line are shamed as “extremists” and ultimately, it’s the sell-out christian hordes who embrace avarice and gluttony out one cheek while praising god out the other. Christianity is suffused with hypocrisy and its greatest sorrow is that it must combat an Eastern religion that appears to have clung to archaic principles a little more tenaciously at the expense of delicate appeasement.

From our so-called civilized Western perspective, it’s abhorrent that a group of ideologues would kidnap a group of young girls in order to ward off the indoctrination of modernity, yet we happily indulge is such garbage in our backyard, albeit behind the mask and wall of Disney and pop music and consumerism. We are performing the same cultural exorcism on our young children. We are indoctrinating them into the realm of more more more, want want want, greed is good, greed is good. This is our religion in the West. The worship of money and practice of materialism. We brainwash our children in school the moment we drop them off before continuing on our sordid corporate money-making schemes, we brainwash them with the garbage we feed them on screens. We tell them what they should value and we hand them the yardstick by which to measure it.

We are better than Muslims, though, because we don’t kidnap young children from their classroom.

We just kidnap their souls before they can think.