Medusa’s Shadow: feminism as an emerging counter-evolutionary force.

I have a theory which I express to my close circle (and anyone who reads this). Essentially, it boils down to this: any woman can get sex if she wants it.

Looks and all putative media-driven aesthetics don’t matter one bit.

The majority of men do not have those exclusive elite standards that they would have you believe. C’mon, us guys are the worst when it comes to blathering on and on about “standards” because it is the “manly” thing to do. Even men who are the biggest pussies in the world go on about standards and indulge in the shameless denigration of the appearance of even normal women.

In other words, guys act like bitches with all this “high standards” BS. The truth is that men, if they have a hankering or backlog of semen, will happily screw anything that avails itself. I don’t care how much we harp about the new emerging, dominant feminist paradigm, the truth is that evolutionary blueprints still spell out much of our behavior, one being that men, males, are expected to be the “actors” in the realm of procuring pussy. The motto for men is really “it’s not going to jump in your lap.” There are a handful of men in each municipality who will experience the gift that women enjoy…namely, sex will seek them out.

A handful of men, but just about all women.

Sex will seek them out and if they allow it, if they open the door, it won’t be long before they find a mating short- or long-term partner. My theory is that women, all women, can get laid within the matter of minutes or hours if they thus choose to do so.

So I’ve told a female acquaintance of my pet theory and she recently repeated it to a girlfriend who is going through a divorce. Many women in such maritally implosive situations morph into little sluts for a refractory period in which they decide to live only for carnal pleasures, and nothing else. It’s as if they are rebuking the marital monogamy that shackled their female nature all these years, and they will now snub evolution and nature by choosing to not withhold their sexual treasures. Despite this, my acquaintances girlfriend is still “puzzled” at how she will go about getting all this sex she has obligated herself to. My friend then repeated my “any woman can get laid when she wants” mantra.

This is dangerous knowledge for women to possess, and perhaps men should not enlighten them, as I have done. I think most women are not aware of the outright sexual options that are readily available to them. They have been trained (inculcated) since birth to be demure and coy and even resistant to sexual capitulation, and they have ingrained the practice of surreptitious passions. So when I hear that my female friend has relayed this simple awareness to her divorcing friend, I wonder if I haven’t shed just a little more light on Medusa’s shadow.

Feminism is “counter-evolutionary,” and as such, the powers and strengths and abilities it has summoned for women is frightening indeed. Women don’t need help from men coaxing it along. All the pajama boys and the Beta consumerist first world Husband hordes do a fine job of it on their own. I probably should withhold my input into this vision of a gender dystopia.

Simply put, too much so, feminists have “won” but I hesitate to use that term. I have another theory about evolution, both social and physical, that I will address in a future post. In that context, I don’t think evolution or change can be described in the polarity context of positive/negative. It’s a progression.

The feminists are having their day. That’s what I will say. Feminism is counter-evolutionary, but on the other hand, once a change occurs, can it ever be considered counter-evolutionary? The definition of evolution is putatively, change.