Just a couple more 21st Century women doing their best to shape upstanding young (autistic) men of strength and virtue…

It seems this kind of stuff is becoming common.

You know, women tormenting and barbarizing men, or worse, boys.

Sick Bitches

As I’ve pointed out before, this particular type of sadism in women that happened in Georgia is extraordinary, but it is indicative of the low-level subversion men all experience today at the hands of shameless, outrageously empowered women who have no skill in handling such tremendous responsibility.

Sadly, this type of occurrence seems to be proliferating in a noxious and scary manner. In fact, I glossed over much of the familiar story, but was struck by a couple of paragraphs which point to the sociostructural impediments men are facing as the female supremacy is strengthened by cultural institutions:

According to Douglasville police, a neighbor of the home on Hagin Street witnessed the incident on Saturday and called the Department of Children and Family Services emergency hotline.

After not getting through to anyone, on Monday the neighbor called the child’s school and school officials contacted DFACS.

And especially this:

Douglasville Police Chief Chris Womack said the boy suffers from a condition and doesn’t like sticky things.

The kid was probably autistic.

There can only be one kind of victim in today’s world; all others must wait.