Disbar all lawyers immediately and make them take the bar exam again, and henceforth, no lawyer shall make more than $30,000/year


And the ones that refuse shall be exiled to a deserted island where they can eat each other.


Driver that struck teen suing dead boy’s family


ALCONA – Still in the throes of agony from losing their son in a vehicle crash, the parents of young Brandon Majewski are now reeling after they learned the woman who struck and killed him is suing their dead child.

Brandon was struck from behind by an SUV and killed while his friend Richard McLean, 16, was seriously injured with a broken pelvis and other bones. His other pal Jake Roberts, 16, was knocked off his bike but sustained only scratches.


Now the driver of the SUV, Sharlene Simon, 42, a mother of three, formerly from Innisfil, is suing the dead boy for the emotional trauma she says she has suffered. She’s also suing the two other boys, as well as the dead boy’s parents, and even his brother, who has since died. She’s also suing the County of Simcoe for failing to maintain the road.


Even the family’s lawyer is in shock.


“In all of my years as a lawyer, I have never seen anyone ever sue a child that they killed,” Barrie lawyer Brian Cameron said. “It’s beyond the pale. I just couldn’t bring myself to tell them on the phone.”


Lawyers, as the large, metastatic mass of collective and over-educated human refuse that they are, embody the very worst human voracious avarice that elevates the pursuit of the dollar above all decent principles of civilized respect and trust.


As a profession, they are enlivened by the toxic runoff from this cesspool of human civilization that has lost all sense of honor and trust.


Lawyers are parasites who feed on human depravity.


And as for Sharlene Simon…just another weak, cowardly chick who takes the inability to accept blame to pathological levels of astounding reflection.