god is a magician and nothing more…or he is simply unknowable.

From my illustrious Facebook wall tonight, I spouted:


If we presume that a singular, biblical “god” has the reach to conjure such a swath of unknowns and universal puzzles, he must be equally unfathomable, and a puzzle, likewise.

An entity can only create that which the limits of his mind encloses.

In other words, you cannot comprehend any situation or locus which exceeds your consciousness and awareness.

If a god exists who can create the Planck Constant from thin air, his existence transcends a state we cannot comprehend as humans. At such an elevated level, he cannot sense us, and we cannot sense him.

Which means dogma is pure bullshit.

Unless this omnipotent being is capable of nothing more clever than pulling the wool over our eyes in a spellbinding gesture of mundane hypnotism.

In which case, god is only a magician, and nothing more.