More Hollywood thuggery and its continued enabling by the media.

Hollywood is under attack from ghetto infiltrators.

Many weekends don’t pass before you hear of yet another shooting outside a club here, and those involved are always the usual suspects. Some media outlets don’t seem to relish being the messengers of that bad, dark news. In fact, some even wipe it from their initial posting slate, but Feedly will always catch ya.

It catches every spelling error (and I can attest to this!)

KTLA on Feedly:


And on the current KTLA page, 3/30/14, 1942 hours:

..and after
..and after

Over at KABC, they played it safe and passive by telling us the truth by illustrating extraneous descriptions we can use for the sake of deduction (only if we dare be honest).

When you describe the victim, it might say a lot about the bad news without having to smash barriers of liberal, 2014 civility:

Hollywood shooting ABC

The news does a terrible job of describing the big white elephant because they are consumer outlets subsisting on advertising and are prevented from stating an obvious fact. You can only allude to it with raised eyebrows and raised overpriced champagne.

Live your fancy life and pretend no one is bad until they do bad.

Hollywood is going to the shit because it’s been overrun by thugs.