My future time orientation co-exists with a hellacious dose of don’t-give-a-fuck.

It’s common knowledge that most of the IQ-obsessives who clutter the pantheons of this blogosector are fond, and even committed, to the concept of “future time orientation” as an intrinsic denotation of human intelligence.

Their perspective presumes that intelligence is the only precursor to maturity and responsibility. Most HBDers lack the nuanced honesty which makes obvious the falsity of such postulations. Intelligence does not correlate absolutely with responsibility, maturity, or any other quaint manner of describing what I call “giving a shit.”

Obviously, most intelligent people do give a shit. Most people in general, smart and not smart, give a shit. Giving a shit is human nature.

Conversely, not giving a shit is a character void dominant among those who do not seem particularly bright because they value the external and the rash. But giving a shit is a byproduct of intelligence…like an exhaust valve. It is a causal result of having an intelligent nature which usually accompanies timidity and neurosis.

Lack of intelligence usually accompanies a bold, unrefined nature that does not dwell in details or indecision.

To cite future time orientation as an integral aspect of intelligence merely illustrates the correlation but denies the (non-existent) causation.

I consider myself (ahem) rather intelligent. And in fact, my future time orientation is occasionally neurotic in nature. To the point where I worry about contingencies and plan for them in ways most normal people don’t. And yet. I also shrug off so many niceties of mannered civilization that I find I have more in common with some of the scrum of the Earth than so-called civilized folk.

Most of the time, I don’t give a shit about a lot that mature people should.

I don’t take care of things when I should. There are a host of adult responsibilities I hate dealing with, and you know how I respond? I simply don’t do them.

Yet, I work selflessly at my job, I conduct my personal finances with the obsessiveness of a psychiatric patient. Yet, I hate, hate, hate dealing with 401k and other retirement items because they bore the living fuck out of me. I hate learning about financial investments and real estate. This stuff is about as exciting as…golf?

Sometimes, I just don’t give a shit.

But in the minutiae of daily life, I’m horribly, mentally, future time oriented.

Just don’t ask me anything about my retirement or medical plans because you will get the blankest stare.