U.S. Intelligence Officials Believe Snowden Behind Malaysian Plane’s Disappearance

Guffaw, that is farce.

Cautionary farce. We are fed a steady stream of garbage behind the falsity of national security. The notions of “top secret” and “national security” are all it takes for us, as a collective, ‘fraidy-cat culture, which has been fueled and turbocharged by 9/11, to turn a blind eye to the egregious mushy layers of BS that government elites shovel out their oral geysers to their enablers, the MSM, in deliberate doses of manipulative, sinister ass-covering.

My Onion-style headline was very close to the one that appeared in the New York Times earlier:

U.S. Intelligence Officials Believe Snowden Is Working With Russia, Lawmaker Says

The news item details the repetitious, rote suspicions by any person claiming to be a high-ranking US intelligence official while glibly announcing that Edward Snowden is public enemy #1 to the well-being of America, Chevrolet and apple pie.

We are warned,

A top congressional intelligence official said on Sunday that American counterintelligence officials are virtually unanimous in believing that Edward J. Snowden is “under the influence of Russian intelligence services.”

This statement is rife with top-level anonymous malarkey that is hard to question since presupposed fear and paranoia have the upper hand as soon as they are expressed in such cloak and dagger terms of international mystery. If you’re a good American patriot, it’s simply a given, a matter of jingoistic faith, that Edward Snowden is our enemy for daring to question the corrupt power structure of America’s intel practices. He is our enemy and it is easy to throw out anonymous allegations behind the wall of “high levels” because no one can question the basis for such allegations without being swatted down as subversive or nationally suicidal.

The one puppet (sorry, Michigan Republican representative and a putative “expert” thanks to his chairmanship of the Intelligence Committee) who ably and dutifully made these allegations public was Representative Mike Rogers, a politician who, like all others, must give a face to the faceless top-level machinations that can never be revealed behind the curtain of national security. What good is mysterious intelligence if it can never be uttered? This is what Intelligence chairmen are for. To be the voice of the master, invisible ventriloquists who own government.

“Every counterintelligence official believes that,” Mr. Rogers said on the NBC News program “Meet the Press.” “You won’t find one that doesn’t believe today he’s under the influence of Russian intelligence services.”

For Mr. Rogers, the question now is when that supposed collaboration began: after Mr. Snowden arrived in Moscow from Hong Kong in late June, or even before then, when he abruptly left Hawaii in May.

Regurgitating the brainwashing ploys of the intelligence community, it is not a question of whether or not Snowden is working with the Russians, according to Rogers. It’s a question of when his illicit and traitorous collaboration began. The American public, lulled by the superstition that elites feed them, will go along with the script and accept that the basis of the story is fact. To question the gatekeepers or ask for more evidence is tantamount to endangering the lives of every American man, woman, and child

It’s superstition.

All the vague, oblique assertions of fact we receive from the MSM’s teat are circumstantial, incidental, and groundless. We swallow their slop up, and I thought it amusing to marry this headline with another current news saga which calls to mind the hypnotic siren call of anonymous sources and the garbage of mass regurgitation which serve to do nothing but confuse and tangle the facts, if in fact, there are any facts: the disappearance of MH370.

I’m amazed at the level of superstition involving this airplane’s unfolding disappearing act.

We are fed nonsense and we fixate on the dribs and drabs of information, process the ambiguity before formulating mythic tales that are more astounding than anything the Chinese, Malaysians or Americans can invent. Everything we hear in the news is hearsay and I’m frankly sick of hearing about arcs and the Indian Ocean and mysterious phone calls and pings and Australian search teams and flight simulators and Muslims and 12,000 feet and wooden crates. So many fragmentary bits of data blind us and the shit people construct to explain what happened to the airplane (“intelligent” people) makes me blush. A great enigmatic puzzle turned superstition by anonymous and inconsistent data and I wonder if anything is trustworthy about all we hear. It seems the only thing we can be confident about is that the plane left and didn’t come back. But the anonymity and secrecy is the wall between us and the powerful. Their secrecy and hallowed whispers are the superstition of our age. We take what we hear and erect imaginary temples of happenstance.

In this vein, while using a subject header that is obviously satirical, I would not be surprised if the intelligence elites attempt public contortions to this effect.

And of course, Americans will eat it up because Edward Snowden is a bad man. He is on the side of the evil Russians (who probably are responsible for the missing 777 to begin with…the Muslim ones, anyways…).

The superstition of our intelligent age.

We are monkeys.