I love me some of dat chocolate lovin’; Black women are sexy as hell.


I was talking to a Black chick at work. We were having a down and dirty discussion about race and dating and she was bemoaning the fact that White and Hispanic guys have no interest in Black women.


Jennifer Hudson
Jennifer Hudson


She told of how she will go to a club (mainstream) with her (Black) girlfriend and might go a whole night without getting hit on by White guys. Since we were being so open, I volunteered (ever so delicately) the fact that she was right, and how odd it is that you don’t see many White men with Black women. Perhaps taken aback by this less that pleasant or PC observation, she hesitated, but then quickly agreed. Another woman we work with hastily pointed out David Bowie in defiance, but this is what White people do. They don’t like to face generalizations about racial relations because they are overcome with guilt, so they conjure up the lamest counter-examples which prove absolutely nothing.


So the black chick agreed but she intimated that she liked Hispanic guys (but what chick doesn’t?! :) ).


This lady is about my age and looks great. She is slender, has humongous tits, but she has that flighty, absent Black thing about her. I’ve known a lot of Black people in my life and Black women like to “think out loud” a lot…they talk to themselves and you have to train yourself to not answer each verbal gesticulation. This lady is worldly and has broad horizons, but she is very Black. She doesn’t get opened in clubs by White guys.


Yes, I can see this.


White guys don’t like Black chicks. I can’t understand why they don’t…but I can, knowing their mindset. Black women, like women of all ethnic groups, come in varying degrees of attractiveness (or unattractiveness). It seems a lot of White and Asian men find it hard to admit any Black woman is hot because they have this fixation that all women should have narrow hips and sunken breasts. White and Asian men feed into the common Western, First World putative idealization of the female body type which is low fat and low estrogen.


White and Asian men reflect the societal definition of female attractiveness…they mirror the same views that their female counterparts have, except in their case, the cognitive process leads to eating disorders and weight obsession. Most of them base their reluctance to date black women on the strong, overbearing and illogical Black Female Personality.


Gabrielle Union
Gabrielle Union



Black women are really just females to the 10th power. Everything we see in women is greatly enhanced in the black woman, but the black woman doesn’t bring anything “new” to the table, she just brings the same old female baggage greatly amplified by her ebony skin. I think this is too much for the mild-mannered White and Asian men who have a hard enough time controlling their materialistic prima donna chirpy girlfriends and wives.


Black women test the mettle of men, but in today’s society where men have lost most of their primal mettle, Black women are abandoned.