Hating on the Oscars and leaving the world of “big media” behind.

This year marks a turning point.

I’ve never seen so many people hating on the Oscars!

Personally, I’ve never cared for the Oscars. I disliked the overblown spectacle, the self-important Hollywood charade, the pomp and circumstance, but it was easy for me to turn my head and do “other stuff.” But judging from Facebook, and other media outlets, it appears those who despise the Oscars are now publicly indulging their distaste in the name of sport and rather blatantly at that.

Hollywood cinema, long the grandest spectacle of all that was big in this culture, has finally hit a wall. The only movies worth watching now are streaming into your living room quick enough that the fact you forgo buying $15 tickets to sit in a crowded, shitty theater doesn’t seem like such a sacrifice. I believe Spielberg and one of his other cronies said recently that they foresee a day when movie theaters will be reduced to “special showings” only in which people pay inflated one-time fees to see 3D shows that can’t be replicated in their living room (in the same manner we go to stage plays or stage musicals now).

Modern culture sees to it that nothing can ever be “big” or “spectacular” any longer. In the 1980s, I stood in line for hours to watch Chevy Chase or Harrison Ford display their lame bullshit on the big screen. It was an event. It is trite, now. I can’t imagine a bunch of 17-year-old kids waiting in line for the new Will Farrell movie. It’s doesn’t work this way in 2014.

We are so jaded.

We can do everything in our house or car.

The days of the wild, fantastic King Kong cinema displays are over. We now watch television to saturate our senses.

The Oscar magic is over, baby.