The first step in fixing our broken society: just beat the bitch up if she asks for it..

So the understanding between men and women, since the dawn of time, is a mutual relinquishment of rights and subversion. There has never existed that “free lunch” to deal with in reality, even as slimy pond creatures.

The beautiful thing about nature is that she is a cold machine that will not accomodate superfluous drainage of energies. Nature is my god. Nature sets the rules and the boundaries, and anything beyond that is a gift for me but someone else will surely pay. This is the zero sum nature of cold reality.

Thus, for the longest spans of time, women knew and accepted from birth that this awareness entailed that they were the helpless (not lesser) gender and in return, they allowed men that which men required: emotional enslavement and intellectual imprisonment. In return, women were allowed to flee the ship first, enter the bus first, and they rarely faced physical threat and could, if they chose, to live a life of pampered seclusion. But no. Somewhere along the way, the consumerist, everyone-can-breathe-equally model seeped into popular consciousness, propelled especially by the fact that women no longer had to spend all day doing the laundry. This quirk was exponentially swollen by their innate childish impulsiveness and lack of wisdom.

Women today play by the old protect-me rules while nevertheless expecting to thrive by the same empowered masculine principles that men once sacrificed their hides for.

So today, women act like this:

Women who historically escaped a beating, still escape that beating no matter how childish they act, even though they are indulging in all the economic benefits of their liberation. How is this fair?

The reality of the video is that this wench is probably a mobster’s mistress and was marauding on his power-tails. This happens all the time. Women riding out their petulant storm on the wings of their master’s power. These women are doing very little to further the “female” cause because in effect, they are telling the world, “I am still helpless but I can do anything I want because Vlad, my married, mobster boss boyfriend, is my lifeboat. I am an entitled puppet!”