Kim Pham’s bad move or bad luck? Didn’t she know Mexican chicks are nuts?

I’ve been consciously ignoring the Kim Pham beating death here in Orange County. The details of this case have been repeated nationally many times, but for the unknowing few, the case involves a club crowd outside an Orange County bar on the night of January 18. A young Asian girl, Kim Pham, inadvertently “photo bombed,” meaning intruded, upon a cell phone photo in progress by a bunch of chicas. A fight ensued, and Kim Pham was knocked unconscious and eventually beaten to death by Vanesa Zavala and Candace Brito. Some reports say Pham instigated the fight with a punch. But at what point does stupidity trump brutality? Were the other girls justified in escalating the beating to its fatal culmination?

OC beating

I believe the specifics of the case don’t mean as much as what they represent judicially.

I predict this will be the first criminal case decided and tried purely upon phone video taped evidence. The precedent is awesome for this. Much future legal groundwork will be laid out in this case. This is why we must keep an eye on it.

Also, Mexican women are the fiercest breed of bloody bitches out there. Pham obviously was too sheltered to consider this fact or know it. Most Mexican women I’ve ever known have been pure female Alpha-istas to the core.