Woody Allen vs. the Virgin Marauders

Defense attorneys speak of the formidable, nearly impossible, task of “unringing the bell,” essentially meaning that jurors, and humans by extension, are sufficiently weak-minded and suggestible enough that once an idea is audibly planted, it can never be excised through logic.

If you articulate a White elephant, a vague unprovable accusation, it will sit and fester in minds and the more you attempt to dissuade people from placing value in this notion, the more you end up cementing its veracity in their heads. Human nature is such. The validity of conjecture is proportional to its cultural unpopularity.

And right now, Woody Allen is wildly unpopular, and older men (“creeps”) who take advantage or abuse young girls are downright reprehensible. And the burden of proof is womanly soft in the realm of such allegations.

If someone has sufficient motive to lambast a reputation, really, all they need to do is suggest that someone has indulged in anything, however vaguely, inappropriate with a young girl against her decent reservations. It only need be a simple verbal allegation. The Libs and feminists will harp and jump all over the story without any grounds for believing it to be true whatsoever. In their heads, truth is not defined by fact…it’s defined by self-justified, buried childhood recollection.

People believe what they want to believe, as the old adage states.

If you say something which represents that which justifies someone’s flailing, hysterical suspicions, they will quite willingly play judge and juror before any sort of defense can even be mounted.

So Woody Allen, already rocked by his strange but not strictly forbidden romp with a stepdaughter, is now easy fodder for the pop cultural female sensibilitist and liberal types: the over-reactors. Thee man is down, his reputation is shit for something of dubious illegality.

If his deeds offend your puritanism, that is fine, but don’t condemn the man for anything other than this. Allen is not a child molester simply because he married his step daughter. It’s not something to condone, but it’s not illegal. So calm the fuck down, you hysterical dweebs. There’s a fine, sophisticated demarcation between legal and something most people would not choose to do. They do not overlap.

The bell was already rung once when the meme was issued that Allen was a child molester for having sex with a young woman, but apparently was not enough, because the Virgin Marauders are at it again and now scaling down the age of the victim to 7. As if it was a natural occurrence that a man who would dare to have sex with a young adult female half his age is also naturally prone to pedophilia.

This is what the female shamers do. They assume men who succumb to natural evolutionary desires are ogres. These, the same women who were too busy living it up and enjoying the fruits of their youth 20 years ago, who are now clouding the present with their lost youth by denouncing the very same men they toyed with when they were young. Now, as always, women enjoy their cake but seek to eat it as well by damning poor beta suckers like Allen. I don’t see any present day “alpha” list actors being accused of this ridiculousness even though I don’t find it hard to believe a good share of today’s 20-something stud actors have never hooked up with the stray 16-year-old girl looking for a good time beyond her means. Nope. Those guys get away with it because the whole feminitariat wants to have sex with them. Woody Allen is beta fodder, and chicks, including the grandest crybaby of them all, Dylan Allen, have cultivated a franchise of bleeding the rich and talented.

I will give Dylan this…she has perfected the “woe is me look” to perfection.


Am I exonerating Woody Allen?

Of course not. But this is why we have court rooms, not media trials. I personally think Woody Allen is the victim of his own stupidity and Judaism. He trusts an inherently cagey gender too much. He lusts and sells his soul to the female devil and ultimately, they predictably turn against him when the money outlasts the testosterone. Especially the neurotic Yenta groupies who delight in milking his lifeblood.

This is a wake up call, you old fart.