The death of the middle class is not death. It is an evolutionary burp (and say goodbye to today, cause it’s over already).

Read this during my lunch hour today. Just 5 months after being served a long-term layoff notice from my old employer. Luckily, I ingrained myself into someone else’s awareness at the 3-month mark and was able to slide into another job before I received the final layoff disgrace that many of my co-workers had to go through.

Which was cool.

Entertainment is a very shaky industry. Technological upheaval is throwing everything out of whack.

All this cultural chaos was accelerated in 2008 during the Big Melt Down which we all blame on real estate, but which lately has given me pause.

After the economy “righted itself” in 2010 and good times had returned, I realized we still seem to be treading a lower, stagnant pond of economic water and progress seems unlikely, and retreat is now the rule.

Barack promises things are getting better. Like all good dutiful Tool/Presidents, he conjures up pathetic examples of the “things are getting better” meme even though they all suck to anyone who does ample research.

In 2008, all systemic hellfire broke loose, but ultimately, as a collective cultural unit, we were shielded harsh lessons. I’m convinced the depths of our disgrace were anticipated and that an oblique rainy day plan fell into place that was just strong enough to prop up economies of despair for long enough to buy Presidential votes for another cycle. And once this Presidential cycle runs its course, the generational rainy day plan of antiquity will fall into place again.

Ostensibly, our graves were built on the “bad planning” of stupid proles and Mexicans (Mexicans led the housing bubble amongst minorities). Yet, no one bothers to mention that money does not get dispersed unless the bankers and elites give a thumbs up.

No one was forcing Jew bankers to give money to poverty-level Jose with big dreams.

So in the real world, even though the idiots, the short-sighted, the financially retarded, want a house, they won’t get get it unless, 1) they straighten up their act and earn it, or 2) a complicit corrupt federal government allies with private lenders to create a grand short-term pool of money and extravagance which can never be sustained.

Seems we are living with 2).

Thing is, 2) was a symptom. A superficial designation of the disease and motive.

What happened is that in 2008, we were struck with a family crisis. We had to survive. As a national “family.”

“We” is American industry and business. Like a faltering family, we were subsisting on the grains of familiar kindness and generosity. We turned our back on the changing reality because family bonds trumped avarice. The world had changed but our national business culture did not keep pace.


2008 was the crisis that forced the family to part and choose.

And America chose. American industry needed to survive. It was presented with little choice. So it began to examine all the latent technologies that were beckoning for so long but which it had no reason en masse to explore without falling prey to the image of economic Godzilla. American industry needed a reason, and the Feds fed it to them, and Us. The Feds created a crisis by fueling an explosive bubble.

This presented American industry a reason to shift paradigms. To re-tool. Out of the 2008 collapse was born the latest stage of automation, the newest Industrial Age, the Digital Age.

The Industrial Age replaced brawn. The Digital Age is replacing brain. American industry flourishes, the middle class succumbs.

Each subsequent deconstruction of man’s survival nature reduces the need for population. All exponential increase (to be predicted) in technology results in the exponential dissolution of man’s validity. Being of an exponential nature, this “little” burp promises to change life as we know it, all within our lifespans.

I’m 49. Not young but hardly ancient. Yet, I remember a time quite unlike what our children know.

Advancement accelerates because it builds on itself. Advancement has become unrecognizable in itself.

The middle class is gone.
The middle class represents a level of humanity that valued family and its concomitant values.

The middle class is simplicity.

The death of the middle class insinuates death of these values, and any simple stroll through a modern urban elitist gathering of overpaying lunch crowds can easily attest to the death of values and the death of simplicity.

The death of the middle class has coincided with the ascension of feminism and homosexual rights, two decidedly un-simple and un-traditional cultural 21st iconic movements. Middle class is not right wing, it is traditionalism of the evolutionary sort. The movement of “strong” women has upset this, or been an integral part of it.

People used to eat like animals to survive. Now they congregate in overpriced, loud, crowded, gastronomic closets where they can ooh and aah over shit as simple as…food. In Hollywood, you can order a simple BLT, but if you order from a gastronomic enterprise that charges the idiotic customers way too much money, you’ll get bacon dipped in maple syrup. Tradition is thrown on its head. Or you can order from the vegetarian or vegan menu. Nothing says anti-evolution like foodie movements.

Our new society takes the past and deranges it, pollutes it, with intensely delicate sensibilities.

The middle class had no delicate sensibilities.

Our time is over.

The youth are taking over and they will bury us, along with our laughable, archaic notions, and they will eat salad and maple-flavored (very lean) bacon. And they will not be middle-class. Heavens no!