It’s not the pessimism or the optimism; these are distractions to singularity of focus.

It’s not the pessimism or the optimism. These are stupid qualifiers that merely describe a person’s reluctance to take reign over his life.

People defer to castigatory definitions of optimist and pessimist, but both these enigmatic characteristics are merely crutches for intellectual and emotional laziness.

The optimist believes effort is always rewarded and embarks on a positiveporn scorched Earth policy that leads him to believe good can always be squeezed out of a miserable rock.

The pessimist believes effort is always punished and embarks on a negativeporn scorched Earth policy that leads him to helplessness and despair and lack of faith in effort.

The optimist and the pessimist are both indulging in personal religion. This is religion for it displaces personal responsibility and control over to one’s life onto ethereal concepts of personal manifest destiny. When you label yourself an optimist or a pessimist, you are essentially cleaning your hands of responsibility.

What is my suggestion?

The third path, one that is the antithesis to Western thinking.

You must be one with your fate. Your life, and especially your path, are indistinguishable. Do not dilute your journey. You are your fate and your unfolding. The choices you make are attributable only to your conscious lucidity and nothing else you would like to lazily pin your choices on, such as trite descriptors like optimist or pessimist. Optimism and pessimism are distractions which remove you from the core of your existence and practice of being. You are distracting yourself from mindfulness by blaming your mind on elusive and unprovable character traits. Be in the moment, be in your self and don’t consider your ego because that will do nothing to dispel your own excuses.

No one focuses now. People seek excuses and diversions. We glue our eyes to stupid smart phones in order to avoid mindful retreat, we get lost in pop culture and inconsequential celebrity glamor which does not concern us to escape linear self-focus. Pessimism and optimism do not concern us, either.

Be one with your fate.