I finally found a girl for all the real he-men I see on the “Alphanet” all the time.

I knew this would not be a wasted evening.

I finally found the perfect girl for all the “Alpha/Chateau” fat-blasting Game/PUA dudes out there. The ones who have belittled me for saying skinny chicks are unnatural.

I’ve found her!

Eat her up, guys. You are all such strong macho men. You define femininity and sexiness by standards of prepubescent undernourishment. Something is wrong with you.

I present you…Lizzie Velasquez.

Your dream girl. Not an ounce of fat on this one. This is what you guys like. You want 8-year-old bodies and deride all female body fat.

Go at it, guys.


I gotta say…this girl has more humility than all of your douche-brained collective hair-productized demographic can scrape together in a month.

She’ll get laid before I do.