After-hours 7-11 scumbags

Last night, after the gifts were opened and the food shoved down my fat gullet, I did what I normally do after I come home. I logged in to all my online accounts and slowly dissembled all the bullshit that fumed like big shitwaves spelling out this thing I call a “life.”

I clicked in my dash cam’s devoted SD card and replayed the evening’s driving events but replayed a single one over a few times for it was quite laughable and disgusting and I never had any intention of replaying it here. And I would have let it be, sitting in my private vault to guffaw over during those many periods of boredom which intermittently befall my existence.

And so it should have remained, except I read a local story about a 7-11 clerk in Highland Park who was robbed and killed overnight by 2 Black men. It feels so wrong to allude to race in crime stories now. Most news stations avoid it if at all possible. A typical news story can tell you who was killed, where they were killed, how they were killed, who they left behind, their family’s faces and house, even their Facebook account, but if the race and description of the witnessed suspects is not aired, we can safely assume they are Black, maybe Hispanic. It seems most major news organizations have a “don’t ask, don’t say” unofficial policy regarding racial reporting. It’s as if merely reporting that witnesses reported the suspect was Black is in some way shamefully sentencing all Blacks to lives of crime. It’s ridiculous because everyone can see through it. We live in such a weak era of liberal inhibition that even alluding to unfavorable race facts (even if they are attributable fact) is a no-no. So if 5 witnesses said the guy who shot up a family before taking their car was Black, the news will merely say a car was stolen and leave it at that. No one wants to have to report the dour news. Another Black murder. Heavens,. Who said that? Only a racist would say this. Let’s avoid important suspect description in the name of PC expediency.

Anyways, the clerk, Gonzalo Perez, one of my people, a Mexican immigrant who was sending some of his income to his family in Mexico while supporting his daughter in Los Angeles, was working a night shift at the store when a couple of Black dudes entered about 10:30 and acted as if they needed help. When Perez approached the counter, they went into robbery mode and as Perez fled the scene, he was shot in the stomach and later died at a nearby hospital. Maybe he should have stuck it out, but frankly, I would have done the same thing. I won’t entrust my life to two thugs with guns. Perez tried to take charge of his situation and paid the price. Police say that a 7-11, about a mile away in Lincoln Heights (another Hispanic neighborhood) was robbed about an hour previous and surveillance tapes are being examined as well. 7-11 is promising full cooperation because it is their ass on the line. They need to exude an air of authority and action about this mess. Even if you don’t care about the Mexican cashier, a flash mob of Black robbers with guns is dangerous to everyone in the vicinity, so it will give you pause when you think of going to 7-11 late at night if there are marauders storming 7-11s after-hours.

Funny thing, the KTLA video stream is continuous, and right after the 7-11 story, another local news item aired having to do with another after-hours incident at a convenience story. In this case, a married couple returning from a work Christmas party in Jefferson Park, William Jennings, and his wife, Tamisha (Tameesha?), was struck by violence when William decided to run down to the “convenience store” while his wife stayed behind. Somewhere along the way, Mr. Jennings became embroiled in an argument and was stabbed to death by a man who is barely perceptible in the surveillance video the police nabbed from a nearby business. I thought it unusual that the weapon of choice here was a knife. When I think of Black inner city murder, I think guns, so this was a bit different. I also found it curious that the blondie news reporter didn’t seem to have any qualms about identifying the race of the alleged murderer. She explicitly said it was a Black man. The footage made it very obvious. The man who stabbed Jennings was in fact…Black. Yet, the suspects who are identified in entering the 7-11 before Perez’ murder, though Black, by all visual accounts, are not identified as “Black suspects” in news accounts.


So it appears the algorithm which news stations use to refer to race is instructed purely by the race of the victim. If the victim is the same race as the “alleged attacker,” then it’s OK to identify their race. If not, well we then must say nothing.

Bottom line, convenience stores, especially in the dark, during holidays, are simply bad news.

There is nothing good that can come of convenience stores. This is where the worst of the worst congregate.

Normal, responsible people do not go to 7-11 when it’s dark. This is common sense. During holidays, the rule expands and includes most of the day.

Back to the few seconds of footage I didn’t plan on showing here, but have decided to because my blogging duty called. The ultimate fault was my own because I planned on taking money out from the ATM in order to give my son cash for his Christmas card. I had planned on this since the weekend. Do you think I did it on the weekend? On Monday? Early on Tuesday? Of course not.

I waited until the very last minute. I stopped at a barrio 7-11 on the way to my parents. I bought my son’s cash gift minutes before I handed him his card. What a sad parent I am. Anyways, I pulled into the very crowded 7-11 parking lot. All the stalls were filled. Parking was at a premium. I spied an empty stall in front of the store and as someone walked by, I sped up to pull in and saw that this fat dude had just gotten out of his car to throw trash away, but left his door wide open in the process, semi-blocking the empty parking stall. I was in a hurry and irritated. Common sense, you fat motherfucker, I thought. I still pulled into the spot, cutting it close. The driver of the car uttered something loud because he feared for his door. The fat dude rushed back from his trash expedition but rather than close his door when he sat back in the car, he left it wide open. He was being a big (literally) smart-ass dick and he left his door wide open. I squeezed through the narrow space he left, jarring my rear view mirror in the process. I went straight to my ATM (that’s me in the horizontal-striped polo shirt).

This is 7-11, this is convenience.

Responsible, sensible people take care of their shit during the day. They are at home when this sort of scumbag comes out at night.

And I have no problem admitting I am sometimes…a scumbag.