When White worlds collide.

Amusing twist on an old story.  Bicyclists are hit and killed all the time across the country.  It’s a dime ‘o’ dozen story.  Riding a bicycle on a motorway inhabited by “real” cars is dangerous business, and the bike rider assumes that challenge with all the flagrant self-righteousness of any social crusader who stains our windshields periodically. Bicyclists are the epitome, the ultimate emblem, of that peculiar First World mentality that seems to have sprung from the psyches of under-challenged, complacent, White people.  It goes something like this: “If it’s legal, I will do it, because its legality obviously means it was thought out by the powers that be and will be safe regardless of my actions.”  An innate SWPL reliance on government and its dictates.   Bicyclists have every right to use the motor lanes but simultaneously, they have every right to determine their own death.  I see bicyclists here in Los Angeles flaunting fate all the time.  LA is bad, but New York and San Francisco make this city look pale in comparison when it comes to bicycling boldness.  The other night as I drove along Sunset Boulevard, some silly broad was puttering along in the #3 lane, oblivious to the fact that for every 1000 drivers who actually had the presence of mind to swerve for her, there might lurk one or two who might be drunk, psychopathic, blind, and all her wonderful subcutaneous civil rights prancing might mean nothing when 2 tons of steel squashed her stupid naive entrails right into the Hollywood pavement.

These bicyclists are nuts, but it’s their right. It’s their right to share our road, and it’s their right to go head to head with behemoths that weight and travel 100’s of times their own discordant existences. Most of them are smugly comical in their own pitiful, over-helmeted manner. Most of them are hipster, SWPL, liberal types who have led lives of such a sedentary sense of survival, being driven back and forth to school, hounded 24 hours a day by teachers, psychotherapists, parents, tutors and coaches that they never learned to cultivate a sense of genuine internal power. Now, as measly adults, they can finally stand their ground! That means driving in the carpool lane in an underpowered Prius or flooding the slow traffic lanes with their bothersome bicycle habits.

So anyway, this story is amusing because now, a Malibu SWPL has met his match: an LA County Sheriff.

This afternoon, about 1, an unnamed cyclists was biking along the 22000 block of Mulholland Highway in Calabasas when he was struck by an unnamed Sheriff’s Deputy who was driving along in a non-emergency response mode. In other words, he was just driving. He struck the bicyclist with such force that he knocked the guy’s helmet and shoes off, and in addition, needed to be treated for lacerations suffered when the bicyclist crashed through his patrol car window like a deer. But it was all anonymous for most of the day. Just a short while ago, the bicyclist has been identified but that is being withheld because there remains one family member who doesn’t know the bad news yet. Ugh.

We’ll need some serious damage control by LA County on this one!

Calabasas/Malibu residents are worth a lot of money and their extinction is answerable to many. Another White bicyclist killed in the line of duty. We have this class of protected and spoiled SWPL folks who never learned a sense of danger when young and now alleviate testosterone deprivation by driving spindly sets of thin metal bars propped on anorexic tires amid the unforgiving hordes of vehicular traffic.

Just because they can. The government tells them it’s OK, so it must be safe…right?


On edit, gee, it was a member of the rather self-righteous, bothersome SWPL class: Milton Olin, Jr. ex-Napster executive.. Will miracles never cease…